Turning on Fractions converts anything that looks like a fraction to a proper fraction. Unfortunately, leaving this feature on will "fractionize" all numerals in your text, so it's necessary to apply it on an as-needed basis.

Figure 7.9. Bickham Script Pro with Swash (example A) and without (example B). Warnock Pro with finials (C).

Figure 7.10. Titling Alternates: Adobe Garamond Pro Regular 72 pt (example A) and using Titling Alternates (example B). The difference is subtle, but the titling characters are slightly thinner.

Figure 7.11. Small Caps: No small caps (example A), small caps applied from Character palette (example B), and All Small Caps (example C).

Figure 7.12. Generic fractions (example A) and OpenType fractions (example B).
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