Organizing the Workspace

After you work with Premiere for a while, you'll want to organize the workspace to suit your needs. I like to see more of the timeline, so I minimize the Navigator and Transitions palettes and drag them to the bottom of the screen. Then I drag the right edge of the timeline all the way to the right. Figure 3.7 is my workspace at its normal 1024x768 resolution.

Figure 3.7. My personal workspace features a wider timeline and minimized Navigator and Transitions palettes.



Because I'm the only one who uses my PC, I don't need to worry about some other editor messing with my Premiere workspace. If you share your computer with other editors who don't like your layout, you can save it by clicking Window, Workspace, Save Workspace. Then type in a name and press Return (Mac) or Enter (Windows). To open your custom workspace, click Window, Workspace and then select your named workspace.

    Part II: Enhancing Your Video