Hour 10. Adding Audio Effects

Until now you've concentrated on editing techniques?piecing your project together. In this hour I'll introduce you to several ways you can change the characteristics of individual clips by adding special effects.

Premiere's audio effects "sweeten" your sound. Premiere lets you change the shape and size of a video clip and put it in motion. And its video effects can do dozens of tasks?from simply adding some contrast to a clip to animating clips with swirls, waves, and streaks.

Because there are so many possibilities over such a wide range of effects styles, I'll focus only on audio effects in this hour and use three additional hours to take you through video motion and effects.

The highlights of this hour include the following:

  • Getting a grip on the Effect Controls palette

  • Adjusting sound?an overview of Premiere's standard audio effects

  • Sweetening sound with some higher-end?and fun?audio effects

  • Trying out Premiere 6.5's brand-new and exciting TC|Essentials audio production tools

    Part II: Enhancing Your Video