Hour 6. Story Creation, Writing, and Video Production Tips

Premiere is a powerful video production tool. By choosing Premiere, you've made a commitment to take your video production quality up several notches. To do that requires more than learning new editing techniques. You also need to hone your story-creation skills, writing style, and even business acumen. By moving to Premiere you're showing the kind of interest in video production that frequently leads to a profession within that industry.

This hour will take a break from step-by-step Premiere techniques and address those issues. I've turned to some colleagues and friends in the TV news, film, and video production industry and asked them to offer expert tips within their specialty.

The highlights of this hour include the following:

  • NBC-TV correspondent Bob Dotson's story-creation tips

  • Writing in the "active voice"

  • The Good Writer's Dazzlin' Dozen from noted writing consultant, Mackie Morris

  • Scriptwriting tips from the respected Hollywood writing team of Stephen Black and Henry Stern

  • Expert advice on shooting film from noted German cinematographer Charly Steinberger

  • Practical suggestions on how best to start a video production company from industry veteran Sam Prigg

  • Tips on doing on-location, multicamera videotaping from multiple-award winner Joe Walsh

    Part II: Enhancing Your Video