Hour 7. Adding Audio

Audio is crucial. The best images will lose their impact if their audio is mediocre. Premiere offers plenty of ways to give your project a sonic boost.

You'll need to acquire some of that audio during on-location taping. Relying solely on your onboard camcorder mic may lead to disappointing results. Choosing and using additional mics will sweeten your sound. Once you're back in your studio?be it at home or work?you will likely add a narration. No need to rent an expensive audio studio?your camcorder and a simple makeshift audio "recording area" will do the trick. Some professional narration techniques will help as well.

The highlights of this hour include the following:

  • Selecting mics that suit your video-production needs

  • Expert sidebar?audio tips from a senior engineer with the world-leading microphone manufacture Shure, Inc.

  • Building a voice recording area and creating effective voiceovers

  • Basic Premiere audio editing

  • News-style audio editing

  • Using the Audio Mixer

    Part II: Enhancing Your Video