Adding Motion to Your Text?Rolling and Crawling

You've seen opening and closing movie and TV show credits hundreds of times. In Premiere, that's rolling text.

Also, you've seen news bulletins that slide along the bottom or top edges of the page. In the TV news business, we used to call them Chyron Crawls after the once de-facto industry-standard, text-creation tool (Chyron Corp. is still a major player in the graphics and TV production world). In Premiere, they're crawling text.

In either case, they take only a couple additional text-creation steps to make.

Task: Set Up Rolling Text

To set up rolling text, follow these steps:

  1. Go back to the Title Designer interface. Select Roll under Title Type in the upper-left corner. I've highlighted this in Figure 8.21.

    Figure 8.21. Title Type with Roll selected.


  2. Type in your rolling text. If you don't press Enter or Return and Word Wrap is on, you'll continue typing down the page. At the end of each line of text you can press Enter or Return to start a new line or let Word Wrap take care of that for you.

    As you fill the page you'll notice something new. A scrollbar appears on the right of the text window. This lets you see what you've written off the page that will scroll up as you animate this rolling text.

  3. Once this is done, select Title, Roll/Crawl Options from the workspace's main menu bar. Figure 8.22 shows the options you can tap to describe the timing of the credits:

    Start Off Screen? Do the credits start completely off the screen and roll on?

    End Off Screen? Do you let the credits roll completely off the screen?

    Pre-Roll? The number of frames before the first words appear onscreen.

    Post-Roll? The number of frames after the final credit before the next edit (could be simply a fade to black).

    Ease-In? Indicates the number of frames to get up to full speed when the first words appear.

    Ease-Out? Slows the credits down at the end.

    Figure 8.22. The Roll/Crawl Options dialog box lets you control the timing of moving text.


  4. Once you've made your selections, click File, Save As in the workspace's main menu and select a location and a name. When you go to your project, this new text will be in your Project folder with a filmstrip icon showing that its animated.

  5. Drag it to your timeline and then drag it to fill whatever length you want. Then either Alt/Option-scrub it or render it to see how it'll look.

Creating Crawling Text

You create crawling text the same way as rolling text, only you start by selecting Crawl in the Title Type window. As you type, your text will roll off the right side of the text window. In this case, the scrollbar appears at the bottom of the text window, allowing you to see all your text.

    Part II: Enhancing Your Video