Adding Strokes to Text and Objects

Strokes is Adobe's term for outlines. The Title Designer lets you create two kinds of strokes?outer and inner. An outer stroke expands the size of your text or objects by adding an outside edge. An inner stroke keeps your objects the same size but puts a colored edge around the inside of the objects' perimeters. As with Fill, you can adjust the color, fill type, opacity, and other characteristics of your strokes.

Task: Create a Stroke for an Object

When I wrote this book, Strokes was not functioning. As we went to final copy edit, Adobe had just added most elements of that feature, so I did not have time to fully test it. This, then, is a barebones rundown on how to add Strokes to your text or objects. In Figure 8.19 I've illustrated how this process should look by the time you've reached step 4. Follow these steps:

  1. Select the object to which you want to add a stroke.

  2. In the Object Style section of the Title Designer, click the arrow next to Strokes to open it.

  3. Click the word Add next to Inner or Outer and then click the triangle to expand your selection. Outer is more intuitive, so I'd suggest starting with it. I used both in Figure 8.19.


    Every time you click Add, it adds another Stroke drop-down options list that you can apply to another text or object.

  4. You'll see a check box next to Outer Stroke. If you add multiple strokes, more than one Outer Stroke check box will be visible. It would be more intuitive to label these boxes Outer Stroke 1, Outer Stroke 2, and so on. Click its triangle to access the following options:

    Type? Depth gives a 3D feel, Edge surrounds the entire object, and Drop Face was nonfunctional when I wrote this section.

    Size? This is the stroke width in pixels.

    Angle? Works with Depth to create a drop shadow?like effect.

    Fill Type? Has the same features as Fill Type under the Fill Object style.

    Sheen? Adds a "glint" to the text or object.

    Texture? Adds a bitmap image to your object. Clicking the empty box beneath Texture opens a file menu asking you to select an image.

Figure 8.19. Use Strokes to add outer and inner edges to text and objects.


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