Hour 9. Advanced Editing Techniques and Workspace Tools

I believe that only after you learn the fundamentals should you start specializing. If all a basketball player practices is a spinning, reverse, wrong-handed flip shot, he'll make no more than a bucket a game. Not many opportunities for that shot arise.

By now, given enough practice, you may have mastered straightforward Premiere techniques, such as cuts-only editing (including matching edits, wide/tight shots, and avoiding jump cuts) as well as standard transitions, with all their options, and straight-up audio editing and text creation.

That being the case, this hour will ramp up those fundamental techniques a bit. I'll show you some other ways to manipulate clips, go over some standard professional editing techniques, explain some higher-end transitions, present an automated means to add music, and show you how to make a quick music video.

The highlights of this hour include the following:

  • Playing clips backward, adjusting their speed, and creating still frames

  • Rolling, slip, and slide edits

  • Using special transitions, including masks and QuickTime, and stringing together multiple transitions

  • Adding music to your projects

  • Setting timeline markers and making an automated music video

    Part II: Enhancing Your Video