Hour 16. Tips, Tricks, and Techniques: Part 1

In this hour and the next I'm going to take things beyond the scope of most Premiere how-to books. In this hour I'll present four special editing concepts along with five expert tips from an Adobe corporate evangelist. In the next hour I'll offer up a bunch of nifty Premiere usability tips, my favorite keyboard shortcuts, and some fast and fun editing tricks.

These are the kinds of tools that experienced editors frequently use. But if you've never seen them in action you probably wouldn't come up with them on your own. Once you do try them out, you'll find myriad ways to apply them to your projects.

The topics this hour include the following:

  • Highlighting a portion of a clip

  • Following action using track mattes and clipped clips

  • Multiple uses for virtual clips: two transitions at once, two special effects, and fine-tuning keys

  • Using split screens for mirrored, animated effects

  • Expert tips from an Adobe evangelist

    Part II: Enhancing Your Video