Hour 20. Exporting Premiere Frames, Clips, and Projects: Part 2

A valuable component of Premiere's suite of tools is the MPEG Encoder. This tool converts Premiere video projects into industry-standard, high-quality MPEG videos for inclusion on DVDs or specialized movie CDs. You'll give this powerful product a test drive this hour.

Mac users have other means to convert Premiere projects to MPEG-2. I'll explain how that works in a sidebar.

Posting your Premiere-created videos on the Internet has never been easier thanks to two plug-ins included with Premiere: Advanced Windows Media (Windows only) and Advanced RealMedia Export. Both create compressed files that play back on HTML pages and incorporate special URL markers to load Web pages during playback.

The highlights of this hour include the following:

  • Revisiting MPEG

  • Using the new Adobe MPEG Encoder for DVDs and video CDs

  • Preparing your projects for use on the Web

  • Using the Advanced Windows Media plug-in for Web and Desktop media file export (Windows only)

  • Using the Advanced RealMedia Export plug-in for Web apps

    Part II: Enhancing Your Video