To dissipate the hard-line edge of an area, creating a vignette effect. You can feather a border, for example, so that it fades off into the surrounding area. You can also feather a selection line. When you choose a brush style, you can choose a brush that has a feathered tip.

File Browser

A floating content window that allows the review, selection, and launch of image files from within Photoshop. The File Browser also shows file information and the global directory structure.

file extension

The three (or more) letters after the dot in a filename (for example, in filename.ext, .ext is the extension). The file extension frequently identifies the format of the file. For example, the extension .txt tells you that the file is an unformatted text file; the extension .jpg tells you the file is a JPEG graphics file.


In the context of layers, flattening the image involves compressing all the layers into one flat background layer.


To change the presentation of an image as if by turning a print of the image over on the desktopany text is now mirrored (reversed) and left hands look like right hands. When you flip an image, make sure that you are not misrepresenting anything.

frameset targeting

The Web design process of directing links to load contents into a specific frame within an Internet site's frameset.