Options bar

The horizontal bar at the top of the Photoshop and ImageReady interface windows that contains all available options for the currently selected tool.


One of many control elements you can use to fine-tune your use of Photoshop and ImageReady tools. A palette is associated with a single element of the image (for example, the Brushes palette controls the size and shape of the cursor when you are using a painting tool). Each palette has a drop-down menu of options associated with the element it controls.

palette menu

When any palette is open, a menu of options specific to that palette is available. Click the right-facing arrow at the top of the palette to display the palette menu of options.

palette well

The darker gray box at the end of the Options bar that collapses and stores palettes for easy access. To add a palette to the well, drag a palette over the dark gray box; the palette collapses so that only the palette's title tab is visible.


A linear outline of an image area or shape.

Pattern Maker

A Photoshop filter module that generates complex, random patterns from user-defined image selections.

Photoshop EPS format

See also [EPS format]

Photoshop PDF format

Stands for Portable Document File. A format used by Adobe for compressing and viewing images and documents, based on the Adobe Acrobat family of compression and viewing software.


Dots that serve as the individual building blocks of an image.


Third-party filters and utilities that extend the basic functionality of Photoshop.


To reduce all areas of an image to flat color, eliminating shading and fine detail.

pre-processing tasks

Preliminary tasks that typically clean up an image and get it ready for layout placement or more in-depth editing. These tasks include cropping, rotating, and using the Unsharp Mask filter.

Preset Manager

In Photoshop, a single, multi-tabbed palette that allows you to preset the settings for features such as brushes, paths, and patterns.