variable compression

A feature that allows you to alter image compression and quality in different areas of the same image. You can focus more detail around a central character or image while allowing details to erode in unimportant areas such as the background or flat areas of color. The result is an optimized image that delivers higher quality and lower bandwidth.

vertical type

Text arranged in a descending vertical column down the image.

video alpha capability

A special-effect transparency technique available with certain video boards.


A text effect that takes the idea of text on a path to a new level. This Photoshop feature allows you to distort the contents of an entire text layer, twisting, bloating, or stretching it into a wide range of effects. There are 15 different warping effects to choose from, and all allow bending as well as horizontal and vertical distortion.

work path

The "line" created whenever the Path tool begins drawing a path. The work path represents the "working" path that is in progress or under construction. After the path is saved, the new, named path replaces the work path.