Part 11. Working with Layers


  1. How to Create and Move Layers

  2. How to Link Layers

  3. How to Group Layers

  4. How to Create Layer Sets

  5. How to Transform Layers

  6. How to Create Adjustment Layers

  7. How to Add a Layer Mask

  8. How to Merge and Flatten Layers

Layers deliver flexibility, color control, and silhouetting options that factor into most intermediate to advanced image-editing tasks. It's hard to imagine doing any sort of image montage or text integration without taking advantage of layersin some cases, it's just impossible.

Layers isolate parts of an image in a separate, um…layer that you can edit and modify without altering the other layers around it. Think of layered sheets of acetate stacked on top of each other. Viewed from the top, they flatten out and show an entire scene, yet they keep the elements separate from each other.

You can reposition layers in the stack to control how different components overlap with each other. You also can hide layers from view or display them with varying levels of transparency. The tasks in this part explore the essentials involved in creating and combining layers, building the foundation for professional image compositing.