Task 2 How to Link Layers

As you accumulate multiple layers in a file, you will want to link certain layers together to preserve alignment or visibility. After you link layers, they all move as a single group as you reposition the multiple layers on the screeneven as they maintain their identities as separate layers. You also can merge linked layers together with a single command, as explained in Task 8 of this part.

  1. Open the File

    Choose File, Open and select the file you want to edit. This example starts with an image that contains several layers in addition to the basic Background "layer."


  2. Open the Layers Palette

    Choose Window, Layers to open the Layers palette.


  3. Select the Primary Layer

    In the Layers palette, click the name of the layer to which you want to link other layers. The layer you select here becomes the primary layer, or the active layer.


  4. Link Secondary Layers

    Click in the column to the immediate left of any layers you want to link to the primary layer. A chain icon appears in the column, indicating that the layer is linked to the currently selected layer.


  5. Unlink Layers

    To unlink layers, click the visible chain icons to remove them. When the chain icon is gone, the layer no longer is linked to the currently selected layer.


How-To Hints

Transforming Linked Layers

Linked layers are treated as a group for more than just movement and alignment. You also can apply the Transform command, as outlined in Task 5, "How to Transform Layers," to modify all the linked layers at once.