Task 10 How to Create a Halftone Pattern

The Halftone Pattern filter creates a graphic effect that simulates a halftone screen being applied to an image. This effect reduces the image to two colors and creates a stylized graphic feel that is distinctive and unique. The colors used for the filter are taken from the foreground and background colors, so be sure to select these colors before applying the filter, as explained in Step 2.

  1. Open the File

    Choose File, Open and select the file you want to modify.


  2. Select Colors

    Because the halftone effect uses the foreground and background colors, you must set these colors before applying the filter. Click the Foreground color swatch in the toolbox and choose the desired color from the Color Picker. Click the Background color swatch and select the second color.


  3. Choose the Halftone Pattern Filter

    Choose Filter, Sketch, Halftone Pattern to open the Halftone Pattern dialog box.


  4. Select the Pattern Type

    From the Pattern drop-down list box, choose Dot, Circle, or Line to determine the actual halftone pattern to be used. Observe the effect your selection has on the preview window at the top of the dialog box.


  5. Select the Size and Contrast

    Adjust the Size slider to control the size of the halftone pattern relative to the image. Adjust the Contrast slider to control how prominently the effect is applied to the image.


  6. Apply the Effect

    Click OK to close the Halftone Pattern dialog box and apply the effect to the image.


How-To Hints

Fading with Blending Modes to Combine Effects

Halftone pattern effects work very well with blending modes because of their graphic feel and flat areas of color. When combined with the original image, interesting hybrid effects can be achieved. Choose Edit, Fade Halftone Pattern directly after applying the filter to use the blending modes and to change the opacity of the filter.

Switching the Color Order

The Halftone Pattern filter applies the foreground color to the shadows and the background color to the highlights. If you don't like the color distribution as initially applied, undo the filter and click the Switch Colors icon in the toolbox to reverse foreground and background colors. Reapply the filter and compare the results.