Task 4 How to Apply a Radial Blur

A radial blur is an interesting effect that blurs an image in toward a center point or rotates it around a center point. The effect is similar to the photography technique of making a zoom lens time exposure that creates a tunnel effect in toward the subject. This is a good way to create emphasis on a central subject or image area and to control the composition as a whole.

  1. Open the File and Select the Filter

    Choose File, Open and select the file you want to modify. Choose Filter, Blur, Radial Blur to open the Radial Blur dialog box.


  2. Set the Amount Slider

    Drag the Amount slider to control the degree of blur being applied to the image.


  3. Set the Blur Method

    Select either Spin or Zoom to determine whether the blur rotates around a center point in the image or zooms straight into the image.


  4. Set the Quality Setting

    Select Draft, Good, or Best as the Quality mode, keeping in mind that the higher the quality, the longer it takes to apply the effect. Note that higher quality does not affect the file size, just the amount of time it takes to display the image.


  5. Apply the Filter

    Click OK to apply the Radial Blur filter.


How-To Hints

Moving the Center Point

While working in the Radial Blur dialog box, click and drag in the grid preview section to move the center point of the effect. Try to position the center point of the grid over the corresponding focal point of the image.

Fading the Effect

Because the blur effect often obscures much of the image, consider restoring some of the image by choosing Edit, Fade Radial Blur immediately after you apply the Radial Blur filter and reducing the opacity or using a blending mode.