Task 5 How to Add Texture

Texture emphasizes the surface of an image, even as it creates a global graphic effect. Photoshop offers built-in texture maps that simulate sandstone, burlap, canvas, and other surfaces. To apply the Texture filter, you select a surface and then control the light direction and the size of the texture as it is mapped onto the surface of the image.

  1. Open the File and Select the Filter

    Choose File, Open and select the file you want to modify. Choose Filter, Texture, Texturizer to open the Texturizer dialog box.


  2. Set the Texture Type

    From the Texture drop-down list box, choose Brick, Burlap, Canvas, or Sandstone. Notice the results as they appear in the preview window.


  3. Set the Scaling

    Scaling refers to the size of the texture effect in relation to the image. In this example, the Scaling setting affects how coarse the weave of the canvas looks. Adjust the Scaling slider to the desired setting, watching the results in the preview window.


  4. Set the Relief

    Relief determines the strength of the texture as it is applied to the image. In this example, the Relief setting affects just how "thick" the canvas pattern looks. Adjust the Relief slider to achieve the desired effect.


  5. Set the Light Direction

    Select a light direction from the Light Dir drop-down list. Experiment with selections and observe the effect produced in the preview window.


  6. Apply the Effect

    Click OK to close the Texturizer dialog box and apply the effect.


How-To Hints

Using Other Texture Filters

In addition to the Texturizer filter, five other texture filters are offered on the same Texture submenu: Craquelure, Grain, Mosaic Tiles, Patchwork, and Stained Glass. Experiment with all of them to see how they differ and how you can use them to enhance an image.

Clicking Thumbnail for Before and After Comparison

As you work in the Texturizer dialog box, the results of the current settings are displayed in real-time in the preview thumbnail. To compare the current state of the image with the original state, click and hold the mouse button while the cursor is over the preview thumbnail; the thumbnail reverts to the original, unaltered image.