Task 9 How to Use the Pattern Maker

The Pattern Maker generates random patterns that can be applied to an image or saved as a preset. This tool goes beyond simply allowing you to save patterns; it assists you in creating custom tiles that can be used to develop amazing abstract patterns and backgrounds.

  1. Open the Image

    You can use any image to generate patterns. Select File, Open to launch the desired file. To explain how the Pattern Maker works, I will use an image with a single text character.


  2. Set the Sample Area

    Choose Filter, Pattern Maker to launch the Pattern Maker window. Select the Rectangular Marquee tool in the upper-left corner of the window and drag to draw a sample area to be used as a starting point for pattern generation.


  3. Generate the First Variation

    Click the Generate button to create the first pattern design. Pattern Maker automatically fills the screen with a random design generated from the sampled area. Click Generate Again to create additional variations of the pattern.


  4. Modify Tile Size and Offset

    In the Tile Generation section of the Pattern Maker window, enter alternative values in the Height and Width fields to change the tile proportions in the pattern. To offset the tile alignment, use the Offset pop-up menu. Select a vertical or horizontal offset and enter an offset percentage in the Amount field. Click Generate Again to create a new pattern.


  5. Set Smoothness

    To modify the smoothness of the rendering, set the Smoothness pop-up menu to 1, 2, or 3. To control how much detail is present in the pattern, set a pixel value in the Sample Detail field. Click Generate Again to create another pattern that reflects these changes.


  6. Apply or Save Pattern

    Click OK to apply the pattern to the current image. You can also click the Save Preset Pattern icon at the bottom of the Tile History section to save the tile as a pattern preset.


How-To Hints

Using the Clipboard as a Sample

You can use any image data saved to the Clipboard as a source for a pattern. To do this, copy any image content and select the Use Clipboard as Sample check box in the Tile Generation section of the Pattern Maker window. Click Generate to view the results.

Previews and Navigation

All tiles generated in a given session are saved in the Tile History section for review and evaluation. Use the forward and back arrows to browse the various iterations of the pattern, which you can save or apply to the image.