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If Red Hat Linux can do it, you can do it too…

With Red Hat Linux separating into the open source community Fedora Project and the commercial Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3, new opportunities arise for Red Hat Linux users. Red Hat Linux Bible leads you through the possibilities and choices between Fedora and enterprise installations. Covering everything from detailed instructions to running desktop applications and setting up more than a dozen server types, this book also features new sections on shell scripting, encryption techniques, setting up RAID disks, using yum, and much more.

Inside, you’ll find complete coverage of Red Hat Linux

  • Install, tune, and configure Fedora and Red Hat Linux Enterprise 3
  • Navigate GNOME and KDE desktops to run the latest applications
  • Learn to use the Linux shell, file system, and text editors
  • Try out the latest security techniques for detecting and dealing with attacks and setting up encryption keys
  • Discover how to install extra software packages to play games, enhance security, and administer Linux
  • Install Linux on a laptop and manage power events with acpid
  • Use the newest Linux multimedia tools for audio, video, and CD burning
  • Configure Samba file/printer sharing, iptables, firewalls, CUPS printers, and other features using Red Hat as an AppleTalk or NFS server for Mac OS 9 or OS X computers
  • Manipulate file systems, tune disks, and support multiple users

About the Author

Christopher Negus has been working with UNIX systems, the Internet, and (more recently) Linux systems for more than two decades. During that time, Chris worked at AT&T Bell Laboratories, UNIX System Laboratories, and Novell, helping to develop the UNIX operating system. Features from many of the UNIX projects Chris worked on at AT&T have found their way into Red Hat and other Linux systems.

Most recently, Chris co-authored the book Linux Toys for Wiley Publishing. During the past few years, Chris has written several books on UNIX and the Internet, including Caldera OpenLinux bible, Internet Explorer 4 Bible, and Netscape Plug-Ins For Dummies for Wiley Publishing. He also wrote several books for Que Corporation, including The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Networking (second and third editions) and Using UNIX (second edition). Chris’s other writings include articles for Internet World, NetWare Connection, and Visual Developer magazines.

Part IV: Red Hat Linux Network and Server Setup