List of Sidebars

List of Sidebars

Chapter 1: An Overview of Red Hat Linux

What Is an Operating System?

Chapter 2: Installing Red Hat Linux

Installing Red Hat Linux on a Laptop
Choosing Different Install Modes
Enabling Authentication

Chapter 3: Getting Started with the Desktop

Why Do I Need a User Login?
The Red Hat Look-and-Feel
Creating an Image Gallery with Konqueror
What Happens During Desktop Startup?

Chapter 4: Using Linux Commands

Getting Help with Using the Shell
Red Hat Linux File System versus Windows-based File Systems
Identifying Directories
Exploring Other Text Editors

Chapter 5: Accessing and Running Applications

Using Binary RPMs versus Building from Source

Chapter 6: Publishing with Red Hat Linux

Choosing a Text Editor

Chapter 8: Multimedia in Red Hat Linux

Troubleshooting Your CD-ROM

Chapter 10: Understanding System Administration

Becoming Super User in X

Chapter 15: Setting Up a Local Area Network

Choosing an Ethernet Card
Wireless Security
Using Ethereal Filters

Chapter 17: Setting Up a Print Server

Choosing a Printer

Chapter 18: Setting Up a File Server

Assigning Guest Accounts

Chapter 19: Setting Up a Mail Server

Other Mail Servers Available for Red Hat Linux
Forwarding E-mail and Stopping Spam
Other Mailing List Managers

Chapter 21: Setting Up a Web Server

Statistics Packages Available for Red Hat Linux

Chapter 22: Setting Up a News Server

Understanding Wildmat Characters

Part IV: Red Hat Linux Network and Server Setup