Removed Packages

Removed Packages

If you can't seem to find a software package you relied on in Red Hat Linux 9 in Fedora Core, you might be interested in this list. It shows packages from Red Hat Linux 9 that are not in the Fedora Core:

  • aumix-X11:???A gtk-based version of the aumix program.

  • exmh:???An X interface to the MH/nmh email handling system.

  • galeon:???A GNOME browser-based on Gecko (Mozilla rendering engine).

  • jdkgcj:???A free implementation of the Sun Java SDK.

  • kde2-compat:???A variety of compatibility libraries for the KDE desktop.

  • kernel-bigmem:???The Linux kernel configured for machines with 4 GB or more memory.

  • libelf-devel:???Development headers and documentation needed to develop applications using libelf.

  • libgtop-examples:???Examples of retrieved systems information used by libbtop.

  • lilo:???The LILO (LInux LOader) program for booting Linux or other operating systems.

  • LPRng:???LPRng printing software, for using and administering printers.

  • pine:???The pine mail user agent, including the pico text editor.

  • qt2:???The shared library for the Qt 2.x GUI toolkit.

  • qt2-designer:???An interface designer for the Qt toolkit.

  • qt2-devel:???Development files and documentation for the Qt GUI toolkit.

  • qt2-static:???The Qt GUI toolkit for static linking.

  • qt2-Xt:???An X Toolkit add-on for the Qt GUI toolkit.

  • qtcups:???A CUPS front-end and library for qt that provides a GUI for printer settings.

  • qtcups-devel:???Development files that enable Qt applications to configure printers.

  • qt-Xt:???The Xt compatibility add-on for Qt.

  • serviceconf:???A utility that configures enabled services on the system.

  • soup:???SOAP implementation in C.

  • soup-devel:???Development libraries for SOUP SOAP tools.

  • tripwire:???A system integrity assessment tool.

  • watanabe-vf:???The Japanese watanabe font.

  • XFree86-xtrap-clients:???Sample clients for use with XTrap server extensions.

  • xmms-gnome:???Components used to integrate the Xmms player into GNOME.

  • xpdf-*:???Support for various languages in xpdf.

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