A special acknowledgment to the people at Red Hat, Inc., who, despite the massive shift in direction of their Red Hat Linux product line, have managed to (once again) produce a rock-solid Linux distribution. We're proud to include it with this book. Great job!

At Wiley, I'd like to thank Debra Williams Cauley, who has continued her heroic efforts to push the latest editions of this book out to the world. Thanks to the tag team of Sara Shlaer and Eric Newman for their editing and production work on this book and on Linux Toys (so that I could get back to this book). Thanks to technical editor Jason Luster for plowing through the chapters yet again and to Margot Maley Hutchison and the others at Waterside Productions for bringing me this project.

For this edition, I'd like to acknowledge excellent contributions from:

  • Kevin Pedigo — For doing a great job rewriting the shell scripting section in Chapter 12.

  • Chuck Wolber — For adding new sections to Chapter 14 on identifying different kinds of security threats, as well as describing ways to combat those threats.

  • Fran?ois Caen — For using his skills as a Red Hat systems administrator to help me sort through packaging differences in Fedora Core and Red Hat Enterprise Linux and understand the new yum and revised up2date tools.

I'd also like to thank members of the Tacoma Linux User's Group for being a great resource for discussions on Linux and (occasionally) non-Linux topics. On more than one occasion, the insights from its members have helped me fix or rewrite parts of this book.

Thanks, as always, to my dear family for helping me through this project. Hopefully, I'll be able to join Sheree, Caleb, and Seth on their next rock-climbing expedition.

Finally, a special thanks to those of you who bought this and earlier editions of Red Hat Linux Bible. Go out and become a force for Linux in your work, home and community. And if you're looking for something fun to do with Linux, check out Linux Toys, Wiley Publishing, Inc., by Christopher Negus and Chuck Wolber.

Part IV: Red Hat Linux Network and Server Setup