Appendix A. Linux Directory Tree

Appendix A. Linux Directory Tree

Table A-1 describes the directories in the Linux directory tree.

Table A-1. The Linux directory tree




User programs and scripts essential to system startup


Boot information, including the kernel


Device files


Host-specific configuration files


Stores configuration files specific to Red Hat Linux


Users' home directories


Used during boot process as a mount point for a directory containing special device drivers


Libraries, modules, and other object files


Loadable kernel modules


Recovered data from bad clusters


Temporarily mounted filesystems


Used to store large applications


Kernel pseudo-directory that provides access to kernel information and configuration items


System administrator's home directory


System administration programs and scripts essential to system startup


Temporary files, which are automatically deleted by Red Hat Linux


Files needed for system operation but not needed to boot system (can be mounted read-only, except when being changed by root user)


Programs and scripts not essential to system startup


System dictionaries for spell checking


Configuration files


Game files


C/C++ header files


Kerberos files


Libraries and kernel modules


Libraries stored in alternate formats


Locally defined directory tree (structure is similar to that of /usr)


System administration programs and scripts not essential to system start up


Shared files


Documentation (formerly residing in /usr/doc)




Source files


Linux kernel source


X-related files


Dynamic files, such as log files and spool files


Data used by arpwatch


Application cache data


Data used by the FTP server


Data used by the GNOME display manager


Data used by Kerberos


Variable state information


Files related to RPM


Locally defined data


Lock files


Log files and directories


Data used by BIND (named)


Data used by applications in /opt


Process IDs of running processes


Application spool data


Anacron's spool data


At's spool data


Cron's spool data


Fax's spool data


Printer queues


Mail boxes


Mail queue


USENET News spool data


Rwho spool data


Samba spool data


Slrnpull spool data


Squid spool data


UUCP spool data


Public UUCP spool data


Files used by Red Hat Update Agent


Temporary files preserved between system reboots


Files used by Tux


Files used by Apache


Files used by NIS

For more information on the Linux directory tree, see the current version of the Linux Filesystem Hierarchy Standard ( Red Hat Linux generally complies with that standard.