Appendix B. Principal Linux Files

Appendix B. Principal Linux Files

Table B-1 describes the principal Linux files. You can use it, for example, to help you locate configuration files quickly.

Table B-1. Principal Linux files




GRUB configuration file


Module information for the Linux kernel


Map of the Linux kernel


Linux kernel


Mail aliases


User IDs of users forbidden to use the at command


Configuration file for the autofs daemon, which automatically mounts filesystems


Automounter map file


Systemwide functions and aliases for the bash shell


Daily cron jobs


Hourly cron jobs


Monthly cron jobs


Weekly cron jobs


System cron file


C shell initialization file


C shell login file


Defaults for the useradd command


Directory listing colors


NFS exported directories


Supported filesystem types


Filesystems mounted or available for mounting


System group definitions


Resolver configuration file


Map of IP numbers to hostnames


Hosts allowed to access Internet services


Hosts forbidden to access Internet services


Apache configuration files


Web server configuration file


Logging configuration file


Configuration for the init daemon, which controls executing processes


Linux kernel and distribution version


Shared library configuration file


Options for useradd and related commands


Log rotation configuration file


Scripts to rotate logs


Printer configuration file


Printer spooler permissions file


Mail server configuration files


metamail MIME information


man configuration file


MIME types


Magic numbers for MIME data


User IDs allowed to use minicom


Aliases and options for loadable kernel modules


Message of the day


Mounted filesystems


BIND configuration file


BIND cache configuration file


Resolver configuration file


Open LDAP configuration files


PAM configuration files


Paper sizes


User account information


PPP configuration


Printer options and capabilities


Default environment for users of the bash shell


Shell initialization


Protocol names and numbers


pwdb library configuration


Scripts for system and process startup and shutdown


SysV initialization scripts


Local startup script


System initialization file


Service start/stop scripts


BIND control configuration


RPC program number database


RPM database and configuration files


Samba configuration files


Secure tty configuration


PAM configuration files


libsensors configuration file


Standard service names and numbers


Secure user account information


Skeleton files used to establish new user accounts


SSH configuration files


System configuration files


Network adapter configuration files


sysctl configuration file


System logging process configuration


Terminal capabilities and options


MIME types for Tux web server


updatedb/locate configuration file


FTP configuration files


GNOME dialer configuration file


X application shortcuts


X font server configuration


GNOME display manager configuration


Display manager configuration file


X display manager configuration file


X configuration file


Default script for xinit


X session initialization file


Key mappings used by xdm and xinit


General xinetd configuration file


xinetd configuration files for specific servers


Yellow Pages (NIS) configuration file


User web pages


bash command history for system administrator


bash logout script for system administrator


bash initialization script for system administrator


bash options for system administrator


X resources for system administrator


Miscellaneous configuration files




SSL certificate configuration


X application defaults


X fonts


FTP files


Log of cron activity


Log of web server access


Log of web server errors


Last login log


Boot messages


Cron log


Kernel message log


Mail transfer log


System log


RPM package installation log


Samba logs


System security log


Up2date log


BIND configuration


CGI scripts


Web pages


Yellow Pages (NIS) configuration files