Thanks to my editor, Andy Oram, who?beyond the usual editorial work and assistance?encouraged me to include more "cool stuff" in this book. As a result of Andy's influence, this book is a great deal more fun to read. Andy also pointed out many errors, clarified many obscure sentences, and suggested many improvements. Thanks too to Margot Maley of Waterside Productions, Inc., who brought this authorship opportunity to my attention. And thanks to Stephanie Jordan of Red Hat for expediting our agreement to use Red Hat's trademark.

Several reviewers, some working for O'Reilly & Associates and some working elsewhere, commented on the manuscript and suggested helpful corrections and improvements. In particular, I'd like to thank Laurie Lynne Tucker, who diligently and promptly read the entire manuscript, found and corrected many errors, and suggested many clarifications and improvements. I greatly appreciate the reviewers' assistance and readily confess that any errors in the manuscript were added by me after their reviews and so are entirely my responsibility.

I also acknowledge the love, concern, and support of my savior, Jesus Christ. His perfect love is entirely undeserved.