Chapter 5. Tunneling

Most of the previous chapters in this book have concerned specific services you may want your bastion hosts to provide. These include "infrastructure services" such as DNS and SMTP, "end-user" services such as FTP and HTTP, and "administrative services" such as SSH. This chapter falls both technologically and literally between the service-intensive part of the book and the behind-the-scenes section, since it concerns tools that are strictly means to other ends.

The means is tunneling, as this chapter's title indicates, and the ends to which we apply it involve enhancing the security of other applications and services. These applications and services may be either end-user-oriented or administrative. The tools we'll focus on in this chapter are the Stunnel encryption wrapper and the OpenSSL encryption and authentication toolkit, not because they're the only tools that do what they do, but because both are notably flexible, strong, and popular.