Chapter 1. Files

    Section 1.1.  Hacks #1-12

    Hack 1.  Understanding and Hacking Your User Account

    Hack 2.  Taking the Bite Out of Backup

    Hack 3.  Backing Up on the Go

    Hack 4.  Dealing with Archives of Many Colors: .img, .sit, .tar, .gz

    Hack 5.  A Line Break Is a Line Break

    Hack 6.  Fiddling with Type/Creator Codes and File Extensions

    Hack 7.  Locking and Unlocking Files

    Hack 8.  Stubborn Trash, Stuck Images, and Jammed CDs

    Hack 9.  Aliases, Symlinks, and Hard Links

    Hack 10.  Recent Filenames

    Hack 11.  Inspecting the Contents of an .app Package

    Hack 12.  Opening Microsoft Word Documents Without Microsoft Word