Chapter 3. Multimedia and the iApps

    Section 3.1.  Hacks #18-32

    Hack 18.  Top iChat Tips

    Hack 19.  AIM Alternatives

    Hack 20.  Printing to PDF or Bitmapped Image

    Hack 21.  Image Conversion in a Pinch

    Hack 22.  Top 10 iPhoto Tips

    Hack 23.  Make Your Own Documentary

    Hack 24.  From Slideshow to Video Presentation

    Hack 25.  Hijacking Audio from Mac Apps

    Hack 26.  Running Your Own Web Radio Station

    Hack 27.  Sharing Your Listening Preferences

    Hack 28.  Controlling iTunes with Perl

    Hack 29.  iCal Calling iTunes

    Hack 30.  Publishing and Subscribing to iCal Calendars

    Hack 31.  Using Bluetooth for SMS and Phone-Call Handling

    Hack 32.  iSync via Bluetooth