Chapter 4. The User Interface

    Section 4.1.  Hacks #33-47

    Hack 33.  Finding Your Way Back to the Desktop

    Hack 34.  Alt-Tab Alt-Ternatives

    Hack 35.  Putting Things in the Apple Menu

    Hack 36.  Keeping Your Snippets Organized

    Hack 37.  LaunchBar, a Dock Alternative

    Hack 38.  DockSwap, Another Dock Alternative

    Hack 39.  Tinkering with Your User Interface

    Hack 40.  Extending Your Screen Real Estate with Virtual Desktops

    Hack 41.  Top Screenshot Tips

    Hack 42.  Checking Your Mac's Pulse

    Hack 43.  Screensaver as Desktop

    Hack 44.  Dipping Your Pen into Inkwell

    Hack 45.  Speakable Web Services

    Hack 46.  Using AppleScript in Contextual Menus

    Hack 47.  Prying the Chrome Off Cocoa Applications