4.1 Hacks #33-47

Mac users have a long history of tweaking the Mac OS graphical user interface. Some regard the Mac OS X GUI as a panacea for all the ills of interface design over the years, a breath of fresh air in a world dominated by dusty windows and quivering mice. Some find OS X just enough like Mac OS 9 to get by, perhaps even grow to love. Then there are those who find it an abomination, fixable by sheer will and determination, something to bend, spindle, and hack until it looks "just as it should."

Regardless of which of these camps you find yourself in, there's more than enough power beneath the hood and myriad tools and tricks to customize the OS X GUI to your heart's content.

This chapter provides a collection of inspiring hacks and pointers to third-party applications for tweaking the look-and-feel, extending the functionality that's already there, and teaching your Mac to behave just as it should.