Chapter 5. Unix and the Terminal

    Section 5.1.  Hacks #48-65

    Hack 48.  Introducing the Terminal

    Hack 49.  More Terminal Tricks and Tips

    Hack 50.  Becoming an Administrator for a Moment

    Hack 51.  Editing Special Unix Files

    Hack 52.  Setting Shell Environment Variables

    Hack 53.  Scheduling with System Tasks and Other Events

    Hack 54.  Opening Things from the Command Line

    Hack 55.  Introducing and Installing the Mac OS X Developer Tools

    Hack 56.  Top 10 Mac OS X Tips for Unix Geeks

    Hack 57.  Turning a Command-Line Script into an Application

    Hack 58.  Installing Unix Applications with Fink

    Hack 59.  Mirroring Files and Directories with rsync

    Hack 60.  Using CVS to Manage Data on Multiple Machines

    Hack 61.  Downloading Files from the Command Line

    Hack 62.  Software Update on the Command Line

    Hack 63.  Interacting with the Unix Shell from AppleScript

    Hack 64.  Running AppleScripts on a Regular Basis Automatically

    Hack 65.  Running Linux on an iBook