Chapter 6. Networking

    Section 6.1.  Hacks #66-78

    Hack 66.  Anatomy of an Internet Shortcut

    Hack 67.  Renewing Your DHCP-Assigned IP address

    Hack 68.  Sharing an Internet Connection

    Hack 69.  Creating a One-Wire Network

    Hack 70.  Secure Tunneling with VPN or SSH

    Hack 71.  Remotely Log In to Another Machine via SSH

    Hack 72.  Running Windows on and from a Mac

    Hack 73.  Sharing Files Between Mac and Windows PCs

    Hack 74.  Mounting a WebDAV Share

    Hack 75.  Mounting a Remote FTP Directory

    Hack 76.  Exchanging a File via Bluetooth

    Hack 77.  Using Your Cell Phone as a Bluetooth Modem

    Hack 78.  Setting Up Domain Name Service