6.1 Hacks #66-78

Mac OS X is highly connected. It can attach to a veritable cornucopia of devices, as we saw in Chapter 3, Multimedia and the iApps. But, for my money, where OS X really shines is in its networking. It's the most network-savvy machine I've ever laid hands on; yet it's easy enough to get on the Internet just minutes after unpacking it from the box.

Communicate about as easily with Windows and Unix machines as with other Macs. Run Windows itself on and from your Mac's desktop. Connect to the Web, FTP sites, WebDAV shares, Windows (SMB) shares, networked printers ? almost anything with an IP heartbeat. You can share your Internet connection via Ethernet, WiFi, or FireWire or connect one-to-one with another computer even when there is no network to be found.

This chapter highlights just some of the limitless possibilities for internetworking with just about anything, just about anywhere.