Chapter 8. The Web

    Section 8.1.  Hacks #85-98

    Hack 85.  Searching the Internet from Your Desktop

    Hack 86.  Saving Web Pages for Offline Reading

    Hack 87.  Reading Syndicated Online Content

    Hack 88.  Serving Up a Web Site with the Built-In Apache Server

    Hack 89.  Editing the Apache Web Server's Configuration

    Hack 90.  Build Your Own Apache Server with mod_perl

    Hack 91.  AppleScript CGI with ACGI Dispatcher

    Hack 92.  Turning on CGI

    Hack 93.  Turning on PHP

    Hack 94.  Turning on Server-Side Includes (SSI)

    Hack 95.  Turning on WebDAV

    Hack 96.  Controlling Web-Server Access by Hostname or IP Address

    Hack 97.  Controlling Web-Server Access by Username and Group

    Hack 98.  Directory Aliasing, Indexing, and Autoindexing