We would like to thank all those who contributed their ideas and code for Mac OS X hacks to this book.


First and foremost, to Asha and Sam ? always my inspiration, joy, and best friends.

My extended family and friends, both local and virtual, who'd begun to wonder if they needed to send in a rescue party.

I'd like to thank Dale Dougherty for bringing me in to work on the Hacks series; working from the other side of the page has been a learning experience and a half. The O'Reilly editors, production, product management, and marketing staff are consummate professionals, hackers, and mensches. They've helped me immeasurably in my fledgling editorial stint. Extra special thanks goes out to my virtual cube-mate, Nat Torkington, and Laurie Petrycki for showing me the ropes.


Thanks to Derrick for suggesting the O'Reilly Network article that eventually cascaded into my current tech writing position, as well as Aaron for the good word he may or may not have put in for me.

To Katherine for putting up with my absent-minded "I'm busy!," and to Philip for getting me into Perl, Linux, and "bullets! lots of bullets!!" To Sean for picking the berries from my jam, and to Deb, who has watched me blossom into the handsome young stallion I am now, while I have merely watched her grow older and older. Don't forget my discount.