The following people contributed to this book:

  • Michael Brewer ( is a developer based near Charlotte, North Carolina. He has written several OS X-related articles for O'Reilly Mac DevCenter. His interests include web development of various flavors (primarily Java) and database design. When the weekend rolls around, those tend to disappear and he focuses on mountain biking.

  • James Duncan Davidson ( is a freelance author, speaker, and software consultant focusing on Mac OS X, Java, and XML technologies. He regularly presents at conferences all over the world on topics ranging from open source to programming Java effectively. He was the original author of Apache Tomcat and Apache Ant and was instrumental in their donation to the Apache Software Foundation by Sun Microsystems. While working at Sun, he authored two versions of the Java Servlet API specification, as well as the Java API for XML Processing specification. He currently resides in San Francisco, California.

  • Edd Dumbill is Managing Editor of He also writes free software, and packages Bluetooth-related software for the Debian GNU/Linux distribution. Edd is the creator of XMLhack ( and WriteTheWeb (

  • Rob Flickenger was born the son of a pig farmer in Bucharest. This young ne'er-do-well had few ambitions above mucking out the slop stall before dinner. But that was just at the dawn of the digital age. Who would have thought that five years later the same boy who thought cow tipping shouldn't go above 10% would go on to invent the Internet and eventually become the first living human with an ADSL line surgically attached to his spinal column. Now, in these increasingly untethered times, he has eschewed his former 6Mbit neural I/O port for an 11Mbit, encrypted, wireless version. It certainly makes it easier to leave the house without the need for miles of extension cord. In his spare time, he also writes; Rob is the author of Building Wireless Community Networks and Linux Server Hacks.

  • brian d foy ( has been a dedicated Mac user since a Quadra 650, which he still uses. Seven Macs later, most of them still in use, he deals almost exclusively with Mac OS X for his Perl development work, even if he has to use Virtual PC to cheat. He is also a Perl developer and trainer who maintains several Perl modules on CPAN and publishes The Perl Review, all from his PoweBbook.

  • Alan Graham's ( mission, using wit sharp as an electric razor and a modicum of grammatical skill, is enabling users to explore what's possible with straight talk and as little techno-babble as possible. He has worked in prepress, digital video and film, interactive, software development, and web development for a wide spectrum of clients that include Apple Computer, Sausage Software, Mattel, Better Homes & Gardens, OpenMarket,, Paramount, and Excite@home to name a few. When he's not writing for O'Reilly, you can find him doing R&D for Mac OS X: The Missing Manual, running errands for his pregnant wife Dana, and working on the great American novel. You can find more of Alan's writing via his blog, Trial and Eror (

  • Brian Jepson ( maintains a keen focus on the sparks that fly where two cutting edges meet. Some of his favorite intersections are Mac OS X (where a solid Unix core meets the pioneering Apple user interface), Mono and Portable.NET (where Open Source meets Windows), and Rotor (where Microsoft shares a bunch of code with y'all). Brian is also an O'Reilly editor and coauthor of Mac OS X for Unix Geeks and Learning Unix for Mac OS X.

  • Wei-Meng Lee ( teaches at the School of Information and Communications Technology, NgeeAnn Polytechnic, Singapore. He is an experienced author, trainer, and developer specializing in Mac OS X and Microsoft .NET technologies. Wei-Meng is also a writer for the O'Reilly Network and a contributing author to SQL Server Magazine and

  • Jason McIntosh ( lives and works in and around Boston. He has coauthored two O'Reilly books, Mac OS X in a Nutshell and Perl & XML, and writes occasional columns and weblog entries for the O'Reilly Network.

  • Bruce W. Perry is an independent software developer and writer. Since 1996, he has developed web applications and databases for various nonprofits, design and marketing firms, ad agencies, and digital-music specialists. Before working in the web field, Perry remained tethered to his portable and desktop Macs while writing environmental law books and newsletters. When not hacking or writing, he loves cycling and climbing mountains in the U.S. and Switzerland. He lives in the Newburyport, Massachusetts area with his wife Stacy LeBaron and daughter Rachel.

  • Erik T. Ray has worked for O'Reilly as a software developer and XML specialist since 1995. He helped to establish a complete publishing solution using DocBook-XML and Perl to produce books in print, on CD-ROM, and for the new Safari web library of books. As the author of the O'Reilly bestseller Learning XML and numerous articles in technical journals, Erik is known for his clear and entertaining writing style. When not hammering out code, he enjoys playing card games, reading about hemorrhagic fevers, practicing Buddhist meditation, and collecting toys. He lives in Saugus, MA with his wife Jeannine and seven parrots.

  • Matthew Sparby ( is a technology consultant and Macintosh hobbyist from Orlando, Florida. He publishes the Mac-centric web site and contributes material to other technology publications and user groups

  • Chris Stone is a Senior Systems Administrator (the Mac guy) at O'Reilly and coauthor of Mac OS X in a Nutshell. He's written several Mac OS X-related articles for the O'Reilly MacDevCenter ( and contributed to Mac OS X: The Missing Manual. Chris lives in Petaluma, California with his wife Miho and two sons, Andrew and Jonathan.

  • Derrick Story ( is the coauthor of iPhoto: The Missing Manual and author of the Digital Photography Pocket Guide. His day job is managing editor of O'Reilly Network and the Mac DevCenter ( Derrick's experience includes more than 15 years as a photojournalist, a stint as the managing editor for Web Review, and speaker at CMP and IDG tech conferences. He also manages his online photo business, Story Photography.

  • Jon Udell ( is lead analyst for the InfoWorld Test Center. He is the author of Practical Internet Groupware, published in 1999 by O'Reilly, and an advisor to O'Reilly's Safari Tech Books Online.

  • David E. Wheeler ( is President of Kineticode (, an enterprise content management and software development consulting company based in San Francisco. He also serves as the maintainer and lead developer for Bricolage, an open-source content management system built on Apache, mod_perl, and PostgreSQL. An active member of the Perl community and a speaker at the O'Reilly Mac OS X Conference (, David has contributed an appendix introducing Bricolage to O'Reilly's Embedding Perl in HTML with Mason, as well as several articles addressing the needs of the serious Mac OS X-based Perl and Unix developer. David lives in San Francisco with his wife, Julie, and their two cats.