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OS X expert and incurable Mac addict Dan Frakes delved into the deepest, darkest regions of Apple’s newest operating system to uncover the best and most efficient ways to get things done. The result of his tireless efforts, Mac OS X Power Tools, takes you step-by-step through insightful and essential tips, shortcuts, and solutions. Filled with choice coverage on installation, the Finder, networking, security, Unix, software, and much more--Mac OS X Power Tools is certain to save you countless hours (and frustration) and turn you into the OS X expert you’ve always dreamed of becoming.

Coverage Includes

  • Foiling Finder Frustration
  • Setting Up Your Mac Sensationally
  • Networking and Surfing Superiorly
  • Developing a Dynamic Dock
  • Mastering Mac OS and Third-Party Software Installations
  • Clobbering Classic
  • Utilizing UNIX
  • Connecting Conveniently and Running Remotely
  • Fine-Tuning Firewalls and Strengthening System Security

About the Author

Dan Frakes is a technology writer, shareware author, and long-time Mac user. He is a frequent contributor to Macworld magazine. Dan is also the creator of the award-winning guide to the Classidc Mac OS, InformINIT, and is a frequent speaker at Mac-related expos and conferences.