List of Sidebars

List of Sidebars


What's a Sidebar?

Chapter 1: The Power of Permissions: Understanding Users and Unix Organization

What Permissions Really Mean
Dissecting the Contents of Your Home Directory
Sudo Caution (not Pseudo Caution)

Chapter 2: Sensational Setup

Fave Savers
Keys Used by Mouse Keys

Chapter 4: Installations, Inc.

"Software Update" for Third-Party Software?

Chapter 5: Finagle Files and Foil Finder Frustration

Column View: Be Careful What You're Moving
Getting Window Settings to Stick

Chapter 7: Apple-ication Aptitude

The Three C's of OS X Applications
Write in Ink

Chapter 8: Clobbering Classic

OS 9 Startup Files Required by Classic
How Can I Tell If Classic Is Running?
Classic Applications and Memory

Chapter 9: Networking Notables and Internet Illuminations

IP over FireWire
Midnight (or Any Other) Rendezvous

Chapter 10: Stellar Sharing Strategies

Root and Admin Access and Sharing
When to Compress Files for Sharing
Your IP Address: Internet Routers, Port Caveats, and Dynamic IPs
Network File System (NFS) Sharing (and Connecting)

Chapter 11: Connection Convenience and Remote Control

The Connect to Server Dialog

Chapter 12: Printing Practicalities

Where Are the Printer Drivers?
Your Mac's Rendezvous Name and Printer Sharing

Chapter 13: Strengthening System Security and Fine-Tuning Firewalls

Port Portals: Common Ports Used by OS X Services
Firewall Rules Explained
OS X's Default Firewall Rules

Chapter 14: Mac Maintenance and Administrative Actions

Journaling: Your Drive's Personal Diary
Make Your Own Bootable Utility CD

Chapter 15: Utilizing Unix

Command-Line Programs Included in Mac OS X
The man Command in Action: Leveraging Other Programs
Shell Prompts
Making Permanent Changes to tcsh
Apple's Developer Tools: Required
Versions of Open Source Software
Daemons and Logs