Chapter 7: Apple-ication Aptitude

Chapter 7: Apple-ication Aptitude


(Or: Using Apple's applications, and applications in general.)

Mac OS X comes with the applications you need to do many things— e-mail, word processing, DVD watching, listening to music—right out of the box. I proposed in the previous chapters that the Finder and Dock are the centers of activity on your Mac, but you probably spend most of your time actually using applications. (After all, you didn't buy a Mac to move files back and forth all day, right?)

In this chapter, I'm going to give you some quick tips about using applications in general, but I'm going to spend most of my time covering the myriad applications and utilities that are included with Mac OS X—you may not even be aware that some of them exist! I'll also include some tips for working with text in OS X.


In most chapters I include the user level/affects box for every tip; however, since most application preferences are user-level preferences, unless otherwise noted, tips in this chapter can be performed by any user, and affect only that user.