Chapter 11: Connection Convenience and Remote Control

Chapter 11: Connection Convenience and Remote Control


(Or: Access files on other computers and control your home computer from the beach house.)

In addition to being the most flexible OS around for sharing files and data, Mac OS X is also the most compatible when it comes to connecting to servers and shared files. Plus, as both a Unix OS and a Mac OS, it provides several options for remote access and control.

In this chapter I'm going to show you how to connect to virtually any type of remote server and share you'll encounter. If you find yourself connecting to the same computers or shares often, I'll also show you how to streamline the connection process. Finally, I'll show you some of the options available for connecting to your own computer, and controlling it, from afar.


As with the previous chapter, I'm going to assume that you have Internet access and that you know how to configure and connect.