1.1 Why Go Wireless?

Do you remember the first time you held a wireless phone and realized that you were no longer tied by a cord to the wall? Or the first time you used a cell phone and realized that you could get in the car, drive away, and continue to talk? Or the first time you used a laptop computer and could work on a document while sitting on your comfortable couch, instead of at a desk? In all of these cases, there's a sudden rush of freedom, of not being tied down to a chair and at the mercy of technological limitations. Instead, the technology is serving you.

If you've had any of these experiences, you should be able to imagine what being unwired feels like. But really, it's even better than that, because now you can do anything, almost anywhere. But there's more to the freedom that wireless brings than just not being tethered to the wall: once you live with and get used to working wirelessly, it changes your perception of where, how, and when you can get work (and play) done. Suddenly, you can be out of your office (perhaps at a coffee shop) when inspiration strikes you. You can dash off a note and send it to a friend or a colleague on the spot, or use Google to find supporting information for a report while sipping your java. And soon enough, you'll probably be griping when you visit places that don't have wireless connectivity. Or you'll start bringing your own.