2.3 Installing AirPort Cards

The AirPort and AirPort Extreme cards are designed to be user installable, and the only tools you usually need are a coin or a small screwdriver. Installation instructions differ for each type of Macintosh with an AirPort or AirPort Extreme slot, and there isn't enough room in this book to list the instructions for every model. Luckily, Apple's web site does provide such a list: the Customer-Installable Parts page, found at http://www.info.apple.com/usen/cip/, has a pop-up list from which you select your computer's model. This menu links to PDF files that show you how to install each of the customer-installable parts for your computer.

It's often more convenient to view a PDF file right in a browser such as Safari than it is to use external helper applications such as Preview or Adobe Acrobat Reader. We like to use the free PDF Browser Plug-in, from Manfred Schubert. It's not as full-featured as an external program, but it can't be beat for quick viewing of PDF files on the Web. You can download it from http://www.schubert-it.com/.