The authors (Tom and Dori) would like to thank the following people and organizations for their help with this book:

Our biggest thanks go to our co-author, Wei Meng Lee, author of Windows XP Unwired, also from O'Reilly. He helped us out by writing some of the knottier chapters, specifically Chapter 5, Chapter 7, and Chapter 8. We deeply appreciate his technical expertise, as well as his fast help on a difficult schedule.

Our editor, Brian Jepson, deserves much of the credit for the way this book turned out. His knowledge of all the technologies involved, plus the fact that he's a total cellphone geek, have made the book much better.

Our thanks to ORA's Chuck Toporek for bringing us into this project. Thanks also to our agent, Studio B's Neil J. Salkind, for putting us together with Chuck, and for seeing the contract negotiations through.

We would also like to thank our technical reviewer, R. Emory Lundberg, for making our work better.

Chris Stone and Pascal Honscher at ORA helped us out by shooting a picture for this book late in the production process. Many thanks to them, and also to Jessamyn Read, who prepared the photo for print under tight deadline.

Our love and thanks to our son, Sean Smith (who made more than one dinner for himself when his parents were working late), for his support and patience.

Dori would like to thank the W&S ladies for their loving kindness and virtual hugs, and the Wise-Women's Web community at for their depth of knowledge and inspiration.

Thanks to our colleague Glenn Fleishman for pointers and connections.

This book covers various products from many vendors. There is no way that we could have purchased all of the software and hardware we reviewed, so we'd like to express our gratitude to the following people and companies who loaned us some:

  • Nancy Koprowski of Maples Communication

  • Jenice Sakai of Linksys

  • Melody Chalaban of Belkin Corporation

  • Apple Computer's WWPM Seeding Lab

  • Joanne Hwang and Cori Locklin of JABRA Corporation

  • Dr. Bott, LLC

  • Rick Estes of QuickerTek, Inc

  • Jonas Salling of Salling Software AB

The soundtrack for this book was graciously provided (in Tom's office, at least) by Liz Phair, Aaron Copland, Lucy Kaplansky, Warren Zevon (RIP), Evanescence, Patty Griffin, Michelle Branch, and Mary Chapin Carpenter.