Chapter 6. Cross-Platform Programming

In the last chapter, you learned how to provide users with Mac OS X features "on the fly," depending on what platform an application runs on. While that chapter focused on menuing options, you can apply the same techniques to any of the other Mac OS X features (such as QuickTime or Spelling, both discussed in future chapters). However, you need to consider a lot of other issues when writing a cross-platform application. While some techniques require code to determine what platform is used, others are simply good programming practices that make any application run better, on any platform.

This chapter, then, is a mixed bag of suggestions and tricks. It's organized by problem area: each section deals with one particular aspect of cross-platform programming. Generally, these are areas of concern where things can go wrong if you aren't careful. Occasionally, you may see some general programming tips mixed in with them, as good development practices often take care of many of these issues implicitly.