One person can write a book, but alone, one person cannot write a book like the one you hold in your hand. I send my appreciation to the oft-unseen engine behind the production, marketing, and sales of this book. I know you're there and appreciate all of your effort.

This book wouldn't be what it is without the valiant efforts of my editor, Brett McLaughlin. His tireless effort has made it a far better work than it might have been.

Thanks to Michael Loukides for entertaining and supporting the idea behind this book, and for making it possible to work with Brett.

Thanks to Tim O'Reilly for all the fine tomes that grace my bookshelf, and for allowing me to add my own title to O'Reilly's great library.

For their time, feedback and enthusiasm, I would like to thank James Duncan Davidson and Daniel Steinberg. Both could have written this book with their eyes shut?I just got lucky, I guess.

Thanks to Allen Denison for his support and enthusiasm; Bodhi for taking the time to provide feedback; the MRJ-Dev mailing list for asking and answering all my questions before I even knew to articulate them; and everyone at Apple Computer?many long hours go into building your beautiful software.

On a personal note, thanks to the entire B-night crew, the Anagamin players, and the LJ crowd.

And finally, thanks to Mom, Diane, and Cynthia. You are simply amazing.