This book provides a learning path for a Java developer new to the Mac OS X platform. It assumes a basic working familiarity with Java.

Chapter 1

Covers the history of Mac OS X and provides a preliminary introduction to the platform.

Chapter 2

Explores the technical underpinnings of the Mac OS X Java implementation, including the layout, classpath, and additions to the standard Java environment.

Chapter 3

Explores the pragmatics of Java development, including how to set up your development environment, and an overview of available tools.

Chapter 4

Builds a local desktop application in Swing and examines how to extend this application while still retaining cross-platform capability.

Chapter 5

Discusses and gives examples of Apple's various additions to the Java platform.

Chapter 6

Looks at the potential pitfalls of developing applications that are intended for multiple platforms and examines how to mitigate them.

Chapter 7

Describes how to package and deliver an application to end users that looks and behaves like a native Mac OS X application.

Chapter 8

Examines how to build client applications that are delivered via the Web, including applets and Web Start applications.

Chapter 9

Discusses how to make an application generate human speech and respond to your speech.

Chapter 10

Examines an application that provides support for rich multimedia.

Chapter 11

Adds real-time support and interactive spellchecking to an application.

Chapter 12

Provides basic information on installation, setup, and usage of the popular MySQL and PostgreSQL databases.

Chapter 13

Builds and debugs a web application using standard Java presentation technologies.

Chapter 14

Examines the development process for creating Enterprise JavaBeans™ on Mac OS X, and details installation of the JBoss application server.

Chapter 15

Builds XML-RPC and SOAP web services and communicates with these services by using Apple's AppleScript scripting package.