To the following people on the Special Edition Using Mac OS X project team, my sincere appreciation for your hard work on this book:

Laura Norman, my development editor, who helped me get the focus of the first edition of this book on track when I had gone astray and kept me in line the rest of the way. She also made sure that I kept the text flowing when we revised this tome for Mac OS X version 10.2. Laura, getting though such a big book with me as the author two times should earn you a medal of some kind?a purple heart, perhaps?

Candace Hall, my acquisitions editor, who saw fit to give this book new life by creating a revised edition for Mac OS 10.2. Candy, I appreciate the opportunity to write this book and appreciate your support on the project.

Marta Justak of Justak Literary Services, my agent, for getting me signed up for this project. Marta was also a constant source of support for me during the process and was always ready to lend an ear to listen to whatever I needed to say. Marta, many times I needed to bounce an idea or complaint off someone?thanks for being there for me!

Don Mayer, CEO and Founder; Hapy Mayer, CFO and Co-owner; and especially, Dawn D'Angelillo, VP of Marketing, of Small Dog Electronics. Small Dog provided much of the hardware and software that I needed to write this book. Small Dog is a great and Mac-friendly retailer; whenever you need hardware or software, check them out at or call them at 802-496-7171. Also check out the ad at the back of this book. Many thanks to Small Dog for being such an important part of this project.

Brian Hubbard, my technical editor, who did a great job to make sure that the information in this book is both accurate and useful. Brian, I tried my best to sneak mistakes past you, but you caught me every time?thanks for a job well done!

Sheila Schroeder, my Pearson project editor, who skillfully managed the hundreds of files that it took to make this book. Sheila, thanks for keeping everything current and making sure that things got where they needed to be when they needed to be there.

Anne Jones, for the interior design and cover of the book. You made this book a pleasure to look at! It is too bad that you can't judge a book by its cover, because if you could, everyone would believe that this book is top-notch?thanks!

Pearson's production and sales team for printing the book and getting it into your hands. Thanks, everybody!

And now for a few people who weren't on the project team, but who were essential to me personally:

Amy Miser, for supporting me while I took on this mammoth project the first time around and for being understanding about my need to do it one more time; living with an author isn't always lots of fun, especially with a big, complex book like this one. Amy, I promise, no more big books?until the next one! ;-)

Jill, Emily, and Grace Miser, for helping me remember that there is a lot more to life than pounding the keys?even though sometimes it seemed as if that was all I was doing. Girls, you brought lots of smiles to my face in stressful times. Thanks for reminding me about what is really important. And, a special thanks to Buddy the guinea pig for his early-morning visits while I was working to cheer me up!

Suresh Murthy and Scott McCorkle of Mezzia, Inc., for providing the schedule flexibility and encouragement that I needed to be able to keep this book on schedule. Guys, I would never have believed that there was any place as great to work as Mezzia if I weren't living it myself! It's amazing!

Larry McWhorter, head football coach for the Zionsville Eagles. Larry, you consistently demonstrate true leadership and excellence on and, more importantly, off the field. Thanks for your example and encouragement. Go Eagles!

    Part I: Mac OS X: Exploring the Core
    Part III: Mac OS X: Living the Digital Lifestyle