Mac OS X to the Max: Finder Window Keyboard Shortcuts

Table 3.3 lists keyboard shortcuts for working with Finder windows.

Table 3.3. Keyboard Shortcuts for Finder Windows
Action Keyboard Shortcut
Close all open Finder windows Option+click the Close button
Close Finder Window graphics/symbol.gif+W
Go to Folder Shift+graphics/symbol.gif+G
Hide Finder graphics/symbol.gif+H
Hide/Show Toolbar graphics/symbol.gif+B
Minimize Window graphics/symbol.gif+M
Move to the Applications directory Option+graphics/symbol.gif+A
Move to the Computer directory Option+graphics/symbol.gif+C
Move to the Favorites directory Option+graphics/symbol.gif+F
Move to the Home directory Option+graphics/symbol.gif+H
Move to the iDisk directory Option+graphics/symbol.gif+I
New Finder Window graphics/symbol.gif+N
New Folder Shift+graphics/symbol.gif+N
Open New Finder Window in a Separate Window graphics/symbol.gif+double-click (a folder icon)
Open Window graphics/symbol.gif+O
Show View Options graphics/symbol.gif+J

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