Mac OS X to the Max: Using Applications That Ship with Mac OS X

Mac OS X includes many applications you can use to both customize and work with the operating system itself and to do work you need to do. Table 6.2 lists many of the applications that are part of the Applications directory of the standard Mac OS X installation. For the applications that are discussed elsewhere in this book, you will see a cross-reference to where information about that application is provided. If the application isn't covered elsewhere in the book, you will see a brief summary of the application's purpose.


There are many other applications that are installed as part of Mac OS X. However, because these are used by the system to perform various tasks and you aren't likely to use them directly, they are not listed in the following table.

Table 6.2. Applications That Ship with Mac OS X
Application Default Directory What It Does Cross-Reference or Overview
Acrobat Reader Applications Displays PDF files Adobe's Acrobat Reader enables you to view PDF files. It provides more control while reading PDFs than does the Preview application and you can take advantage of PDF features such as hyperlinked bookmarks, tables of contents, and so on.
Address Book Applications Stores contact information "Setting Up and Using An Address Book," p. 290.
AirPort Admin Utility Applications/Utilities Enables you to configure an AirPort network Chapter 11, "Using an AirPort Network to Connect to the Internet," p. 265.
AirPort Setup Assistant Applications/Utilities Guides you through the configuration of an AirPort network Chapter 11, "Using an AirPort Network to Connect to the Internet," p. 265.
AppleScript (Script Editor and Script Runner) Applications/AppleScript Writes and runs scripts You can create and run AppleScripts to automate various tasks that you perform. AppleScript is widely used to make cumbersome and complex processes more efficient. AppleScript's scripting language uses English-like commands, and you can create very complicated scripts. The Script Editor application enables you to create and edit AppleScripts. You can also run scripts that other people create either as standalone applications or using Script Runner.
Apple System Profiler Applications/Utilities Reports on the configuration of your system "Using the Apple System Profiler to Create a System Profile," p. 809.
Applet Launcher Applications/Utilities/Java Launches Java applets You can run Java applets from within this application instead of within a Web browser. To do so, open the application, enter the URL of the applet, and click Launch.
Asia Text Extras Applications/Utilities Manages Asian text This folder contains various applications that can be used to work with Asian characters, such as the Chinese Text Converter application.
Audio MIDI Setup Applications/Utilities Configures and manages MIDI devices You can use this application to configure and manage MIDI devices.
Bluetooth File Exchange Applications/Utilities Transfers files via Bluetooth This application is used when you exchange files with Bluetooth-compatible devices.
Calculator Applications Calculates An updated version of the Mac OS Calculator application; a number of improvements have been made in the Mac OS X version.
Chess Applications Game Enables you to play chess against the computer or against another person.
Classic Startup System/Library/CoreServices Starts Classic Controls the startup of the Classic environment in which you can run Classic applications. See Chapter 7, "Working with Mac OS 9, the Classic Environment, and Classic Applications," p. 163.
Clock Applications Provides a desktop clock Provides a configurable clock that you can use in various situations. For example, you can launch the Clock and minimize it to have the time displayed on the Dock.
ColorSync Utility Applications/Utilities Profiles Repairs ColorSync "Synchronizing Color Among Devices," p. 682.
Console Applications/Utilities Provides information on system activity "Using the Console to View System Messages," p. 821.
CPU Monitor Applications/Utilities amount of processor activity Enables you to assess the Processor "Using the CPU Monitor to Monitor Activity," p. 819.
Digital Color Meter Applications/Utilities Analyzes the makeup of colors Enables you to choose a color being displayed on your monitor to determine the RGB values and other properties of which that color consists. You can also copy colors so that you can replicate them.
Directory Access Applications/Utilities Provides directory information for a network Provides directory information for Mac OS X and applications that use directory information to provide services. You aren't likely to use this application unless you are setting up these services for a large network.
Disk Copy Applications/Utilities Creates and mounts disk images Enables you to mount disk images. Its name comes from its original function, which was to copy disks.
Disk Utility Applications/Utilities Repairs or initializes disks "Maintaining Your Disks with the Disk Utility," p. 776.
Display Calibrator Applications/Utilities Calibrates a display "Synchronizing Color Among Devices," p. 682.
Dock System/Library/CoreServices Provides the Dock This is the application responsible for providing and managing the Dock.
DVD Player Applications Plays DVD movies Chapter 19, "Watching and Creating DVD Movies," p. 583.
Finder System/Library/CoreServices Provides system services Provides and manages the desktop, manages files, handles linkage between documents and applications, and so on.
Grab Applications/Utilities Captures screenshots "Capturing Screen Images with Grab," p. 424.
Help Viewer System/Library/CoreServices Provides help This is the application that provides the help architecture used by the OS as well as applications.
iChat Applications Chat via text Enables you to text chat with other users on your local network and on the Internet. You can chat with other iChat users as well as with AOL Instant Messenger users, which is the most popular chat application. "Using iChat to Communicate with Others on Your Network," p. 749.
Image Capture Applications Downloads images from a digital camera "Using Image Capture to Download Images," p. 417.
iMovie Applications Digital video editor Chapter 18, "Making Digital Movie Magic with iMovie," p. 535.
Installer Applications/Utilities Installs applications Provides a set ofconsistent services that applications use to be installed on your Mac.
Internet Connect Applications Connects to the Internet via a phone modem "Connecting to the Net with a Dial-Up Account," p. 247. "Connecting to the AirPort Network with Mac OS X," p. 280.
Internet Explorer Applications Web browser Chapter 13, "Surfing the Web," p. 331.
iPhoto Applications Captures, organizes, and manages digital photos Chapter 15, "Creating and Editing Digital Images," p. 403.
iTunes Applications Digital music manager Chapter 16, "Listening to and Working with Music," p. 459.
Java Plugin Applications/Utilities/Java Manages Java plugin settings You can use this application Settings to configure and manage various Java plugins that are used to deliver Java applications within other applications (such as Internet Explorer).
Java Web Start Applications/Utilities/Java Java application manager Enables you to download and run Java applications from the Web. You can manage the applications that you download and launch them from the Java Web Start application.
Key Caps Applications/Utilities Maps special characters to font families Enables you to see the character mapfor a font family; particularly useful when you need to use a special character.
Keychain Access Applications/Utilities Manages your keychains "Securing Your Mac with Keychains," p. 794.
Mail Applications E-mail client Chapter 12, "Using E-mail," p. 289.
NetInfo Manager Applications/Utilities Administers network "Using NetInfo Manager to Administer Your Network," p. 746.
Network Utility Applications/Utilities Provides information and utilities for network "Using the Network Utility to Assess Your Network," p. 740.
ODBC Administrator Applications/Utilities Configures and manages ODBC databases Enables you to configure and administer ODBS databases on your Mac.
Preview Applications Views images and PDFs

"Viewing PDFs with Preview," p. 682.

"Viewing and Editing Digital Images," p. 452.

Print Center Applications/Utilities Installs and manages printers "Finding, Installing, and Using Printers," p. 673.
Process Viewer Applications/Utilities Provides information on and contro lover running processes "Using the Process Viewer to Understand and Manage Processes," p. 817.
QuickTime Player Applications Plays and edits QuickTime movies Chapter 17,"Viewing, Editing, and Creating QuickTime Movies," p. 499.
QuickTime Updater System/Library/QuickTime Manages QuickTime versions Enables you to maintain QuickTime at the latest version.
ScreenSaver Engine System/Library/Frameworks/screensaver framework/Versions/A/Resources Provides Mac OS X's ScreenSaver. Displays images to protect your screen and provide entertainment at the same time.
SecurityAgent System/Library/CoreServices Provides security services to the OS Manages security for the OS and applications.
Setup Assistant System/Library/CoreServices Configures various system configure the OS. settings Runs the first time that you launch Mac OS X to help you After that, use the System Preferences utility to change system settings.
Sherlock Applications Finds things "Using Sherlock to Search the Web," p. 339.
Software System/Library/CoreServices Updates system and other software "Using Software Update to Maintain Your Software," p. 774.
Stickies Applications Simulates sticky notes Enables you to create andview electronic "sticky notes" and "paste" them to your monitor.
SutffIt Expander Applications/Utilities Uncompresses and decodes files "Downloading and Preparing Files," p. 345.
System Preferences Applications Configures Mac OS X Provides various panes that you use to configure different aspects of Mac OS X.
Terminal Applications/Utilities Provides a terminal window for working in Unix window Chapter 9, "Unix: Working with the Command Line," p. 213.
TextEdit Applications Basic text editor TextEdit replaces Simple Text from previous versions of the Mac OS. Ittakes advantage of Mac OS X features, such as the capability to save documents as PDFs.

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